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No more ranger tours in the Eifel National Park for the time being

The Eifel National Park Authority is currently appealing to people interested in the National Park to avoid the main focus of visitors in the protected area. Since March, the already high number of visitors to the National Park had increased significantly once again. This makes it difficult to keep the required minimum distance, especially at visitor centres (Wilder Kermeter/Der Wilde Weg, Wollseifen/Walberhof deserted area & along the reservoirs) and on narrow hiking trails in the National Park.

For the sake of everyone, please avoid the main visitor areas in the Eifel National Park. This will protect your own health and help to minimise the risk of infection for yourself and others.

Due to the current situation, ranger tours and other events in the Eifel National Park will no longer take place for the time being.

The adventure exhibition "Wildnis(t)räume", the Forum Vogelsang and the five National Park Gates are closed.