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Travel through the Eifel National Park in a carriage

Of all the ways to discover the Eifel National Park, travelling by horse-drawn carriage is certainly the most extraordinary. From April to October, you can travel from Vogelsang to Walberhof and Wollseifen and back again in the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage. The carriage rides are a great way to experience the local nature – especially for people who dislike walking or find it difficult.

Special offer: the carriages feature a ramp so wheelchair users and other people with limited mobility can also enjoy this truly special natural experience. Physical disabilities need not be an obstacle when it comes to discovering nature!

If you want to be accompanied by an expert, you can book a forest guide who has been certified by the National Park Authority, or you can combine the carriage ride with the ranger tour, which takes place every Sunday at 1pm and begins at the Eifel National Park Centre.

Carriage departure and arrival times:

    Dep. Vogelsang Kulturkino 11.30am
    Arr./Dep. Walberhof 12noon
    Arr. Wollseifen 12.30pm
    Dep. Wollseifen 12.45pm
    Arr./Dep. Walberhof 1.15pm
    Arr. Vogelsang Kulturkino 1.45am

    Dep. Vogelsang Kulturkino 2.15am
    Arr./Dep. Walberhof 2.45pm
    Arr. Wollseifen 3.15pm
    Dep. Wollseifen 3.30pm
    Arr./Dep. Walberhof 4pm
    Arr. Vogelsang Kulturkino 4.30pm

Single trip “Vogelsang Kino - Wollseifen” 6 EUR
Return trip “Vogelsang Kino - Wollseifen” 10 EUR

Children up to 18 years are half price
Single trip “Vogelsang Kino - Wollseifen” 3 EUR
Return trip “Vogelsang Kino - Wollseifen” 5 EUR
Family ticket (adult with up to three children): 25 EUR

The Reitanlage Steffens also offers exclusive rides for groups (up to max. 25 people) on the “Vogelsang - Walberhof - Wollseifen” route. Please contact the stables directly to book:

Reitanlage Steffens in Monschau-Höfen
Tel.: +49 (0) 177 4478041 or +49 (0) 2472 5369
Fax: +49 (0) 2473 9272494    


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