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Text in Gebärdensprache ein- und ausblenden

Zum Abspielen des Videos sind folgende Vorraussetzungen erforderlich:
JavaScript muss auf Ihrem System aktiviert sein.

This website is available in simple language (German only) and in a text-only version.

You can also vary the print size and screen contrast.

Sign language videos are integrated in several places and bundled as an additional language version (German sign language). The sign language videos were produced by DESIRE, the Deaf and Sign Language Research Team of the RWTH Aachen University.

Files available for downloading are also always available as barrier-free documents provided they are publications of the National Park itself.

A "sounds memory" game on the children's website of the Eifel National Park was the first step on the way to creating additional, more inspired programmes for the blind and partially sighted. Other steps in this direction are planned, but there is still a lot to do.

Please inform the Eifel National Park Administration if you notice any mistakes or if you think additional information is required. The administration also welcomes your suggestions for further development. Many thanks for your help!


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