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Mobile amplifiers for the hard of hearing

Geeignet für: Menschen mit Hörbehinderung,

Visitors who are hard of hearing can book free mobile hearing amplifiers from the National Park Administration before their tour or environmental education programme.

How does it work?

  • Please book your hearing amplifier with the National Park Administration at least three working days before a tour.
  • At the beginning of the tour the rangers or forest guides will give you the reserved receiver with induction neck loop or induction coupler (please note: you must have the right technology).
  • Alternatively, the receivers can be attached to your own headphones.

Technical requirements:

You must be able to switch your hearing aid to the "T" or "MT" position and it should be activated.

Trained staff:

The staff of the National Park have received special training from the North Rhine-Westphalian section of the German Association for the Hard of Hearing in the use of mobile hearing amplifiers and conducting tours for the hard of hearing.

Booking and information:

Please contact the National Park Administration personally.


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