Nationalpark Eifel

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National Park Gates: fully accessible information

The starting point for any visitor to the National Park should be one of the five National Park Gates in Monschau-Höfen, Heimbach, Simmerath-Rurberg, Schleiden-Gemünd or Nideggen. These information centres combine the function of a tourist information service with exhibitions on the flora and fauna of the protected area.

All the exhibitions

  • are fully accessible - there is no need to go up or down steps.
  • provide fully accessible toilet facilities.
  • show films including subtitles and sign language for the hard of hearing and deaf.

At the National Park Gates in Höfen and Nideggen, there are also

  • high-contrast visual and tactile floor guidance systems to lead you around the exhibition.
  • audio guides allowing you to listen to the texts in four different languages.
  • olfactory, tactile and acoustic stations allowing you to experience the exhibitions using different senses.

The exhibition at the National Park Gate in Heimbach will appeal as much to blind as to sighted visitors thanks to

  • its tactile exhibits,
  • an audio track and
  • explanations in both braille and high-contrast print.

The Louis Braille School in Düren helped with the development of the tactile stations and the translation of the texts into braille.

You will find descriptions of the content of the exhibitions at all National Park Gates here


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