Nationalpark Eifel

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Which tour is suitable for whom?

In the sections "Guided hikes", "For children & teenagers", and to a certain extent in "Under your own steam, each item on the programme is marked with symbols. These indicate the groups for which this hike, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, or boat trip is particularly suitable.

Here you will find links to tours that are also particularly suitable for

You can read about the National Park's fully accessible information centres under "National Park Gates".


Programmes for the partially sighted and blind, among others

(where applicable with an accompanying person)

Geeignet für: blinde Menschen, sehbehinderte Menschen,

The park rangers and forest guides do their best to allow you to experience nature with different senses, using examples you can feel, hear and smell, so that the tours on offer will also appeal to blind and partially sighted visitors. As the tours do however sometimes go through rough terrain, the National Park Administration recommends that blind participants are accompanied.


Programmes for the hard of hearing and deaf, among others

Geeignet für: gehörlose Menschen, Menschen mit Hörbehinderung,

The National Park Administration cooperates closely with the home for the deaf in Euskirchen. On the hikes accompanied in sign language, it is for example an employee of the home for the deaf who interprets what the park ranger says into German sign language. For other events, forest guides trained in sign language lead the group.

For the hard of hearing:

Visitors who are hard of hearing can borrow mobile amplifiers with audio induction neck loops, induction couplers, or headphones in order to be able to take part in all weekly hikes with rangers. Please inform the Eifel National Park Administration in advance if you require a mobile hearing amplifier, so that the ranger can bring one along for the tour.

>> more on the mobile hearing amplifiers...


Programmes for those of limited mobility and wheelchair users, among others

Geeignet für: Rollstuhlfahrer, Gehbehinderte,


Programmes for people with learning difficulties, among others

Geeignet für: Menschen mit Lernschwieirgkeiten,

  • Forest guides available for booking
  • Taster tours for school classes, and children's and youth groups
  • Wilderness Camps for children and teenagers
  • Project days for youth groups and school classes

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