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Family days-out with varied themes

Das Piktogramm zeigt ein gezeichnetes Männchen mit einem Stock und steht für Gehbehinderte. Das Piktogramm zeigt ein gezeichnetes Auge , welches durch gestrichen ist. Es steht für blinde Menschen. Das Piktogramm zeigt eine gezeichnete Brille und steht für sehbehinderte Menschen. Das Piktogramm zeigt zwei gezeichnete Männchen, eine Frau mit Handtasche und einen Mann mit Hut, die sich an der Hand halten. Es steht für Senioren. Das Piktogramm zeigt zwei größere gezeichnete Männchen vor denen ein kleineres Männchen steht. Es steht für Familie. Das Piktogramm zeigt ein gezeichnetes Männchen, was in ein Heft schaut. Es steht für Menschen mit Lernschwieirgkeiten.

On shorter hikes of a maximum of four kilometres in length, a colourful programme of activities to take part in awaits all those girls, boys and parents with an interest in nature. Enjoying different games, you will learn to read animal tracks, solve plant puzzles, practise seeing with your hands, discover wild places in the National Park, and sense its smells, colours and shapes. Anyone taking part can make lots of new friends, rest in the shade of enormous trees, or run around to let off steam (or keep warm in wilder weather!).

When? From 11 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on the first Sunday in every month, and from 2 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. Mondays to Fridays during school holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Who? The free family-days out on various themes (see below) are aimed mainly at children of primary school age. Family days with the "Zwergenwald" theme ("Fairies of the Forest") are more suitable for children of nursery school age. Please bring a child carrier for small children, rather than a pushchair.

Where? As the venue, themes and therefore also the target groups may vary, it is best to look them up in our digital activities programme (in German only). Meeting points in the holidays are as follows:

Please note: As only 30 people can take part in a family day-out, you are requested to register as early as possible (and inform us if you are unable to come), one day in advance at the latest, by calling the number given in each case.

Because the guided walks are designed to appeal to various senses, they are an attractive option for seeing, partially sighted and blind visitors alike. Blind and partially sighted participants are however recommended to come with an accompanying person, as the tours do sometimes cover rough terrain. The Wilderness Workshop in Düttling will be delighted to adapt the family days-out to meet the needs of participants of limited mobility or those with learning difficulties. Please inform our staff of any special requirements when you sign up in advance.

The National Park Administration will be happy to answer your questions at any time.


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