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Project days in the Wilderness Workshop in Düttling

Geeignet für: Rollstuhlfahrer, Gehbehinderte, gehörlose Menschen, Menschen mit Hörbehinderung, blinde Menschen, sehbehinderte Menschen, Menschen mit Lernschwieirgkeiten,

"Let nature be nature" is the National Park's motto. As a result, the project days in the Wilderness Workshop in Düttling focus on the National Park wilderness that develops when nature is left to its own devices. Through project work in the National Park forest, young people both with and without disabilities attempt to find creative answers to their questions about the wilderness. Woods, water and wilderness prompt them to new ways of thinking, whilst wind and weather bring them closer together during their lunchtime picnic at the campfire. As well as the 100-hectare site of the Wilderness Workshop, a seminar room and fully accessible toilet facilities are available.

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Project Day Themes

Project days in the Wilderness Workshop will offer just the right challenge to suit any age group and can follow an inter-disciplinary game plan if required. During your visit, the park rangers will respond to the needs of your particular group. In order to do so they consider four different approaches.


Organisational details

This is where you can find out about the itinerary, packing list, accommodation and more.



Please register with the National Park Administration.

For any other questions, please approach the Wilderness Workshop directly:

Wilderness Workshop in Düttling
Düttlinger Straße 26, 52396 Heimbach-Düttling
tel.: +49 (0)2446. 805152
fax: +49 (0)2446. 805186 


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