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Taster tours for school classes and youth groups

On the free half-day taster tours for school classes and youth groups, the focus is on the National Park - the idea behind it, and its flora and fauna. The school classes and youth groups are led by experienced National Park employees. The children and young people enjoy all sorts of experiences that bring them face to face with nature. Depending on the age group, the emphasis is on games, searches and active participation.

The guided hikes start from the National Park Gates in Rurberg, Gemünd, Höfen, Heimbach or Nideggen, all of which are open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Why not include a short visit to the free exhibition at the nearest National Park Gate in your trip? In the summer months it is also possible to combine the tour from Rurberg with a half-hour boat tour with the Rur Lake Shipping Company (subject to a charge) on the Rur Lake or Obersee reservoirs.

You could also combine a half-day event with other nature activities on offer in the region. You can find out what else there is to do in the Eifel by asking at the Tourist Information Centres. If you wish to take advantage of the programmes offered by the Wilderness Workshop in Düttling over several days, the National Park Guest House will be delighted to take you in. It is within walking distance of the Wilderness Workshop.

Please use the booking request form (see below) to plan your taster tour in the Eifel National Park. Please note that the five National Park Gates mentioned above are the only possible starting points.



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