Nationalpark Eifel

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Wilderness Camps during the summer holidays

Anyone with the courage to explore the wilderness?

Geeignet für: Rollstuhlfahrer, Gehbehinderte, gehörlose Menschen, Menschen mit Hörbehinderung, blinde Menschen, sehbehinderte Menschen, Menschen mit Lernschwieirgkeiten,

With or without disabilities, younger or older - the wilderness-in-the-woods offers just the right challenge for children and adolescents. How will you cope with life in camp, cooking over a campfire, contributing to the group with your strong points and showing consideration for weaknesses? A diverse, mixed group of a total of 20 girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 16 will share all sorts of experiences and learn from each other. The wilderness-in-the-woods will give all of them new food for thought!

The National Park Forestry Office offers forest recreation camps for children and teenagers aged 7 to 16 during the summer holidays. They are led by experienced and committed group supervisors. The children sleep in groups of four to five children, in tents belonging to the National Park Administration.

Participants are asked to pay a contribution of 12 Euros per day towards expenses for the holiday camps.

A preliminary meeting is held shortly before the summer holidays to prepare for the camps. Here, questions about the packing list and any other issues can be discussed, and parents, children and supervisors can get to know one another. The date of this meeting will be announced in good time.

All places for the Wilderness Camps in 2011 (always mixed girls and boys) are already taken.



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