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Boat tours with park rangers

Geeignet für: Rollstuhlfahrer, Gehbehinderte, Menschen mit Hörbehinderung, blinde Menschen, sehbehinderte Menschen, Senioren, Menschen mit Lernschwieirgkeiten, Familien

  • To shorten a hike,
  • simply as a nice way of experiencing the National Park from the water, or
  • as an appealing voyage of discovery for those of limited mobility

The boat tours of the Rursee Shipping Company (in German) are an attraction that add another dimension to the many "paths" through the National Park. It is nice to have an expert to hand, so a park ranger accompanies this boat tour on the Rur Lake on the first and third Monday in every month from April to October.

As you travel along the densely forested slopes of the Kermeter hills, you will get a first impression of what will in future be a National Park wilderness.

Because the park rangers bring along one or two things from the protected area on the boat tour - things that you can feel and, depending on the season, smell - this trip is also of interest for the visually impaired and blind people with an accompanying person.

Because of the steep boarding ramp, the National Park Administration recommends that wheelchair users come with an accompanying person. A summary of activities or events particularly suitable for people with disabilities is available if you click on the menu item "Barrier-free travel".

It is not generally necessary to book in advance. Groups are however requested to register in advance, by ringing the Rur Lake Shipping Company on +49-2446-479.

There is no charge for being accompanied by the park ranger, although the usual ticket prices of the Rur Lake Shipping Company will apply.

What's it like? For just over one and a half hours, passengers will experience the dense forests of the protected area as the ship sails along past the steep slopes of the Kermeter hills. The park ranger will accompany you as far as Rurberg and back again.

The Rur Lake Shipping Company offers daily trips on the Rur Lake and Obersee reservoirs from the beginning of April to the end of October. You can find out about ticket prices and times from the Rur Lake Shipping Company direct.


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