Nationalpark Eifel

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Bookable forest guides for individual tours in English

Geeignet für: Rollstuhlfahrer, Gehbehinderte, gehörlose Menschen, Menschen mit Hörbehinderung, blinde Menschen, sehbehinderte Menschen, Senioren, Menschen mit Lernschwieirgkeiten, Familien

Are you planning a visit to the Eifel National Park with your club, company, family, or circle of friends? Would you like to have an expert to hand, and yet remain amongst yourselves? Then the voluntary forest guides of the Eifel National Park are just what you need. Selected forest guides speak English, for example, and some are able to communicate in German and Dutch sign language.

The National Park Administration will be happy to answer your questions at any time. You can either book with the National Park Administration, or with forest guides you happen to know personally.

Forest guides

  • speak English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Eifel dialect, and German and Dutch sign language as well as German
  • will go hiking, cycling and riding with you
  • know every corner of the National Park
  • are registered forest guides and regularly attend training courses
  • can be booked 365 days per year (see below)
  • will leave the choice of starting point to you if you want them to
  • will leave the choice of route to you if you want them to
  • will adjust their speed to fit yours
  • will accompany you for anything from three hours to several days
  • will accompany people with and without disabilities
  • also enjoy taking school classes and youth groups
  • may have special subjects of interest, so that you can ask for a forest guide who fits your personal requirements or wishes
  • will also accompany you on the four-day Wilderness Trail, on a ride by horse-drawn carriage, a boat trip on the reservoirs, or throughout your bus tour
  • receive expenses of 15 Euro per hour and group (max. 20 people). Bigger groups are accompanied by several forest guides.

Enjoy the romantic stream valleys, lakes embedded deep in the landscape, shady forests and wide open spaces of the Eifel National Park with your forest guide. These local experts are a mine of information on the diverse plants, animals and geology of the National Park, and they will also be delighted to share local anecdotes with you, including aspects of cultural history and the history of the landscape. Among the more than 150 forest guides you will find Venn guides, tourist guides and Vogelsang guides. Ask for our advice and enjoy a memorable excursion rich in experiences and adapted to meet your wishes and needs.

The National Park rendezvous are a free service also offered by the forest guides. These are guided hikes for which it is not necessary to register in advance.


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