Nationalpark Eifel

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National Park Information Points

The 14 National Park Information Points are slightly smaller than the National Park Gates. Some of them nevertheless offer a Tourist Information Centre, the National Park film, and more. You will always find brochures, leaflets, and general information here.

There are National Park Information Points in

  • Bad Münstereifel
  • Kall (in the railway station building)
  • Hellenthal
  • Hürtgenwald-Zerkall (at the canoe landing stage)
  • Marmagen (Eifelhöhenklinik)
  • Mechernich-Firmenich (waterpark "Eifel-Therme Zikkurat")
  • Mechernich-Kommern (open-air museum)
  • Mechernich-Satzvey (Satzvey Castle)
  • Monschau
  • Nettersheim (Naturzentrum Eifel)
  • Roetgen (with hikers' refuge)
  • Schleiden
  • Nideggen-Schmidt (in St. Hubert's Church)
  • Simmerath-Einruhr (in the "Heilsteinhaus", with hiker's refuge)

You will see where the individual information points are "at a glance" in the leaflet of the same name.

32 information panels outside buildings, also called "Info Points", are not listed above.


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