Nationalpark Eifel

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Spiritual hiking trail - "in pursuit of life" on the Creation Path

Take the "Creation Path" near Simmerath-Hirschrott. This joint project, the motto of which is "in pursuit of life", is run by a local church network, "Kirche im Nationalpark Eifel" (in German), and the National Park Administration. The Creation Path is intended to be a meditative hike. Taking you along narrow paths and through ten stations, it is designed to give a spiritual approach to nature.

The starting point is above the "Waldstube" inn in Hirschrott, which you can reach from the Finkenauel car park. From this car park it is around 1.3 kilometres to the starting point, as you will see on the map available for downloading below. The Creation Path is three kilometres long and can be extended so that you complete a circuit.

Passing ten stations, it will take you uphill to "Leykaul" on the Dreiborn plateau. Along the way you will find panels displaying secular texts as well as excerpts from the bible to accompany your thoughts. There is also a stone labyrinth on the path. This symbolizes the way to the centre and thus to oneself.

As the path leads along part of the Wilderness Trail, it is suitable for neither wheelchairs nor children's push-chairs.

For the exact route taken by the Creation Path, please see the second map available for downloading below.


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