Nationalpark Eifel

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Travelling by boat

Glide noiselessly through the Eifel National Park. The Rur Lake Shipping Company makes it possible. Their electric boats operate from the beginning of April to the end of October.

On the Obersee reservoir they go from Einruhr to Rurberg and on towards the Urftsee dam, in the heart of the protected area. In approximately half an hour and an hour respectively, you will reach your destination.

On the Rur Lake, the boats sail to and from between the landing stage in Heimbach-Schwammenauel and Rurberg. Each trip takes 45 minutes. As well as normal scheduled buses, the Rur-Bahn tourist train offers a connection to the railway network.

Larger groups should book boat trips in advance. Information on fares and schedules are available from the Rur Lake Shipping Company.


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