Nationalpark Eifel

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Discovering nature on two wheels

Of the 240 kilometres of hiking trails, 104 double up as cycle paths. You can see which ones on the hiking map, and they are indicated on the wooden signs in the protected area by a red bicycle symbol. The staff of the National Park Gates will also be delighted to assist you in any way they can. Below you will also find GPS data for a number of circuits.

So that both hikers and cyclists can enjoy their visit to the Eifel National Park, it is important that these two groups of people show consideration for one another. For mountain bikers and racing cyclists, cycle tracks outside the National Park have been designated. They are described in detail in the book for mountain bikers, "Mountainbiken in der Eifel" (German only). The cycle paths in the protected area itself are designed for a more leisurely approach to cycling.

Hiking without luggage: why not take advantage of one of the "easy-life" packages offered by tourist offices and National Park hosts?


Bicycle hire: conventional and electrically assisted pedal cycles

As well as conventional bicycles, tourism experts in the region have also set up a network for hiring out "Pedelecs". Pedelecs are bicycles fitted with an electric motor to assist with pedalling. They only assist you with pedalling, however - you still need some of your own muscle power.

Especially for older people or visitors of limited mobility, Pedelecs are a good alternative that help make child's play of the hills in the National Park.

>> more on places where you can hire electrically assisted bikes all over the Eifel region

>> hiring conventional bicycles in the Monschau region (south-west)

>> hiring conventional bicycles in the North Eifel region (north-east to south-east)


GPS data for cycling circuits for more leisurely cycling

Here you will find GPS data for several cycling tours available for downloading. Armed with this data and the relevant handheld navigation devices, you can use satellites in space to help you find your way.

The GPS-data corresponds to routes described in detail and with background information in the theme-tour books, "Narzissengebiet Monschauer Land" (The Monschau region and its daffodils), and "Vogelsang und die Dreiborner Hochfläche" (Vogelsang and the Dreiborn plateau). These books are available in German only.

Please stay on the designated paths in accordance with the rules - even if slight disturbances cause your GPS device to ask you to deviate by a few metres.


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