Nationalpark Eifel

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240 kilometres of hiking trails

There are some 240 kilometres of hiking trails available in the National Park. The National Park Administration has marked all approved trails with wooden signs and set up notice boards with maps to welcome you at the access points. On the Dreiborn plateau, there are wooden posts along the way to complement the signs.

The National Park Administration requests you to remain on the marked paths at all times. This ensures that there are some "quiet zones", essential for animals and plants, and is an important element of the compromise between nature conservation and people experiencing nature - two important goals of the National Park.

With the National Park hiking trails map you can put together your own tours. If you prefer to rely on established tours, you can use the marked theme-tour round trips, the Wilderness Trail or the "Creation Path". GPS data is available below for other tours.

The staff at the National Park Gates will also be happy to advise you. The information centres at the "National Park Gates" are the best places to set off on your hike. You can get an initial overview of the entire protected area from the "At a glance" leaflet.

With the description of the meeting points, you will find out how to reach them by bus, train or by car.

So you don't feel like hiking, and would rather go cycling, riding or cross-country skiing? Then click on the relevant section. You can also go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or use the ferries on the reservoirs to shorten your tours.

You can also join guided hiking tours or book forest guides to accompany you on your own personal choice of route.

Hiking without luggage: why not take advantage of one of the "easy-life" packages offered by tourist offices and National Park hosts?


GPS data for hiking circuits

Here you can download GPS data for two hiking circuits. These correspond to routes described in detail and with background information in the theme-tour books, "Narzissengebiet Monschauer Land" (on the Monschau region and its daffodils) and "Vogelsang und die Dreiborner Hochfläche" (Vogelsang and the Dreiborn plateau). These books are available in German only. Armed with this data and the relevant handheld navigation devices, you can use satellites in space to help you find your way.

Please stay on the designated paths in accordance with the rules - even if slight disturbances cause your GPS device to ask you to deviate by a few metres.


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