Nationalpark Eifel

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Hiking on marked circuits - the theme tours

Five different hiking circuits are signposted in the National Park:

  • Theme tour 1 starts at Scheidbaum car park near Nideggen-Schmidt (length of hike: 16 km; short cut: 10 km).
  • Theme tour 2 starts at Büdenbach car park, Schwammenauel dam (length of hike: 14.5 km; short cut: 7.5 km).
  • Theme tour 3 starts at Finkenauel car park in Hirschrott near Simmerath-Erkensruhr (length of hike: 12.5 km)
  • Theme tour 5 starts at Mariawald Abbey car park near Heimbach (length of hike: 14.5 km; short cut: 7.5 km).
  • Theme tour 7 starts at the National Park Gate Gemünd (length of hike: 11.5 km; short cut: 4,5 km).

The hikes are described in detail in the theme-tours book on hiking in the Eifel National Park, "Wanderungen im Nationalpark Eifel" (German only). As well as the hikes presented here, the book introduces five other theme-tours. These are not signposted in the National Park, however.

If these routes are not what you are looking for, you can always use the GPS data for other theme-tours, which are not sign-posted. These are to be found in the "hiking trails" and "cycling" sections.

Please note that in order to protect nature throughout the National Park, certain rules must be observed during your hike.


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