Nationalpark Eifel

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Through the heart of nature

Four days on the trail through the Eifel National Park

Enjoy four days’ perfect time out. Experience gushing streams, fragrant meadows full of flowers, dense forests and panoramic views: the emerging wilderness of the Eifel National Park. Divided into four sections, each covering a distance of 18 to 25 kilometres, the Wilderness Trail will take you through the entire conservation area. The hike from Monschau-Höfen in the south to the northern tip near Hürtgenwald-Zerkall includes some very challenging stretches and will allow you to experience all the landscapes and habitats of the national park. 

The stylised pictogram of the head of a wildcat will show you the way. The wildcat is a very rare animal that lives in the Eifel National Park.

Here you will find the following:

You are also welcome to download our leaflet on the Wilderness Trail. It includes a general map showing the course the Wilderness Trail takes.


The four sections of the Wilderness Trail

The Wilderness Trail consists of four sections, each between 18 and 25 kilometres in length. This makes it easy to complement your hike with a few “lazy days off”, slotted in before, during or after the hike. You can find out what awaits you along the trail and at the relevant starting points of the sections in the descriptions of the individual sections.


The complete package: the Wilderness Trail package

Hiking doesn't have to be hard work. If you book the Wilderness Trail package, you will not have to organise transport or accommodation yourself in advance, and you can decide yourself on the level of luxury you would like. 


Doing the Wilderness Trail independently - organisation

The entire trail or certain sections – organise your personal summit experience on the Wilderness Trail.


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