Nationalpark Eifel

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Welcome to Eifel National Park! Woods, water, wilderness

Set in a dramatic landscape of woods interspersed with water, the Eifel National Park will allow you to experience the fascinating natural diversity of a wilderness at first hand. For in this large protection area some 65 kilometres southwest of Cologne, nature has been left once more to its own eternal cycle of growth and decay. Over an area of 110 square kilometres (17,000 football pitches), the motto is "Let nature be nature", as it is in National Parks all over the world.

Discover the primary forests of tomorrow. Wildcats and black storks live in the National Park, and researchers have shown that around 1,600 other endangered species of animals and plants are also at home here. Enjoy fantastic views over the Rur Lake, Obersee and Urft Lake reservoirs. Put the pressures of every day life behind you as you hike through romantic stream valleys and impressive beech forests along the Wilderness Trail, for example. In spring you will be welcomed by carpets of glorious yellow wild daffodils. The Dreiborn plateau around Vogelsang is a highlight, and not only when the Common Broom (Cytisus scoparius) is in full bloom. In autumn, the stag rutting season is an experience not to be missed, and winter is a particularly good time to go looking for animal tracks.

Almost every day of the year, you can accompany a ranger - free of charge and with no need for prior arrangement. Forest guides can be booked for individual tours. For an overview, you can download or order our digital activities programme (in German) and brochures. You will find current information further down on this page. Staff at the National Park Gates will be delighted to advise you. These information centres are the best place to start your visit.

Have fun!
The Eifel National Park Administration


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