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Certified for blind people

Many offers provided by the Eifel National Park administration have been certified by "Reisen für Alle" (Travel for All). This means that specially-trained external experts have collected information on and verified the on-site accessibility.

The nationwide "Reisen für Alle” marking system allows you to assess the suitability of the respective offer for your specific requirements independently! Please note that we have marked the tested offers with the corresponding pictograms directly on our website, which will allow you to find them more easily.

The pictograms mean: specified quality criteria are satisfied for certain groups of people - and you can rely on it! Detailed information regarding accessibility is available for download on the respective pages as a PDF document.

The pictogram displayed here identifies offers that are completely or partially barrier-free for deaf people.

For specific questions regarding accessibility, please take up contact with Mr Tobias Wiesen from the Eifel National Park Administration at

Offers that are completely or partially barrier-free for blind people