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Cycling through the Eifel National Park

Out of the 240 kilometres of hiking trails in the Eifel National Park, 104 kilometres are designated cycle paths. The hiking map shows the cycle paths. In the conservation area, a red bike icon on the wooden signposts designates that it is a cycle path. Cycling is not permitted on any of the other paths.  Staff at the National Park gates and in the Vogelsang visitor centre are happy to help you find a suitable route.

In order to ensure that both walkers and cyclists can enjoy their visit to the Eifel National Park, it is vital that both groups are considerate of one another. The designated cycle paths in the conservation area have been intended for use by cyclists and touring cyclists.

Special mountain-biking routes outside of the National Park have been designated for use by mountain bikers.

Tip for cycling without luggage: utilise the packages offered by tour operators and National Park hosts!

Bike hire: normal bikes or ebikes

In addition to normal bike hire, tour operators in the region have established a network for Pedelec hire. Pedelecs are bikes equipped with an electric motor. This only helps you to pedal – you still need to put some effort in! Pedelecs are a great option for older people or guests with limited mobility to scale the mountains within the National Park in an enjoyable way.

Please adhere to the rules of the Eifel National Park and stick to the designated cycle paths. Please be considerate of other visitors to the conservation area. Thank you!