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Hiking on marked circuits - the theme tours

Five different hiking circuits are signposted in the National Park:

  • Theme tour 1 starts at Scheidbaum car park near Nideggen-Schmidt (length of hike: 16 km; short cut: 10 km).

  • Theme tour 2 starts at Büdenbach car park, Schwammenauel dam (length of hike: 14.5 km; short cut: 7.5 km).

  • Theme tour 3 starts at Finkenauel car park in Hirschrott near Simmerath-Erkensruhr (length of hike: 12.5 km)

  • Theme tour 5 starts at Mariawald Abbey car park near Heimbach (length of hike: 14.5 km; short cut: 7.5 km).

  • Theme tour 7 starts at the National Park Gate Gemünd (length of hike: 11.5 km; short cut: 4,5 km).

The hikes are described in detail in the theme-tours book on hiking in the Eifel National Park, "Wanderungen im Nationalpark Eifel" (German only). As well as the hikes presented here, the book introduces five other theme-tours. These are not signposted in the National Park, however.

You can get an initial overview of the entire protected area from the "At a glance" leaflet.